What I have noticed during my foray into spirits is that there is an entire culture behind it. One that goes way beyond simply enjoying the drinks, but also experiencing the culture of the city or country in which it is brewed. Having found this out recently, I took it upon myself to see what it was all about and see some of the events associated with brewing.

One that I found particularly interesting was that of guided limo tours around the breweries and distilleries. In my home state, I was lucky enough to find a great limo Ann Arbor company that was able to enlighten me and show me just how prevalent my home state was in the brewing industry. What’s more, is that not only are these tours enjoyable, but inexpensive as well.

Embracing culture

There is no denying that for many, the spirits community is about seeing what is out there and the unique ways in which many spirits are brewed. And while it is fun to read about online, it is even more fun to experience it in person. The beauty of a limo tour is that first off, you aren’t driving, and second off, it gives you a hands-on glimpse at the brewing process and how the taste is defined based on the way in which the spirits are brewed.

One can learn a great deal about culture by simply reading about it, but what is even better is experiencing it in a very real and visceral way. The next time you are thinking of grabbing a drink, why not experience the process from start to finish. Get a glimpse of where and how something is brewed before tasting the final product. You may be surprised at how much thought actually goes into the spirits we love.