Part of what makes the world of spirits and alcohol so alluring is the ability to share the experiences with others. In some ways, however, this sort of hinders the ability to stick with a single drink. Take rum for example. Many people think that there is only so much you can do with it before it becomes old.

For me, this is not the case. The drink is so versatile that I have found countless ways in which to enjoy it, each without diminishing its inherent taste. Mixing it, shooting it, even infusing it with fruits, rum is always my go to when it comes to lightening the mood and getting the party going. In some ways, rum is a timeless beverage able to adapt with the times.

Not just for the old

I often mingle with a younger group of drinkers, some that believe that rum is just for old people. It is my job to show them that rum is just as hip and current as any other beverage, and that it can be used in ways that many people may not think about. Call me old fashioned, but mixing is still the way to go and nothing mixes better than rum.

So enjoy your rum with pride, knowing that it is one of the most diverse drinks and mixes well with essentially anything. Try it and you may find that the age-old drink of the past is still as current as ever and is still gaining momentum.