Written by legendary American journalist Hunter S. Thompson, The Rum Diary is an American classic involving spirits and the way to not necessarily enjoy them. The book was later made into a film starring Johnny Depp, and received middling critical acclaim. What is important to take away from the story is the fact that drinking should always be done responsibly. However, for some, the book and film sparked an interest in opening their mind to the great taste of rum.

A drink that is versatile and can be enjoyed on virtually any occasion, rum makes a great mixer and is part of some of the most famous mixed drinks of all time. In essence, rum is one of the staples in spirits and a way in which people connect with one another. The book itself may show how not to enjoy it, but there are many ways in which to do so.

A summer favorite

Summer is quickly approaching and that means more time off work and more time to spend with friends and family enjoying your favorite spirit. Rum makes for a great party drink and is the perfect base for a punch, cocktail, or anything else that can really get the party started. In order to enjoy rum, however, as the book would suggest, one must enjoy it responsibly.

Never drive intoxicated and make sure, like all things, to take it in moderation. If there is one thing that literature teaches us, is that we are all connected and must learn from the mistakes of others.