Now that spring has finally sprung in my hometown, I am able to enjoy all of the drinks that were just too sweet for the cold winter season. In addition to enjoying the variety of rum drinks that I so love, I am also now able to enjoy my second love, which is hard cider. Being where I’m from we have a number of local breweries, including one of the state’s finest apple beer company.

There is a common misconception that hard cider is more of a fall drink, but I have found that it is best enjoyed during the warm summer and spring months. Something about its crisp, refreshing taste always reminds me of long lazy days on the lake, sipping a cider and just enjoying what nature has to offer. Just me and my Mad Moon & Griffin hard cider in Ohio.

Unlike any other

It is cold where I come from, so when the weather finally breaks and turns into warm weather, me and those around me are ready to live life to the fullest. There is truly nothing like enjoying the sites and sounds of the Midwest while having a great North Carolina hard cider. In fact, it is the idea that our local company is branching out to other states and bringing in some of their stylish products that allow us to enjoy all that hard cider has to offer.

It is truly amazing to see our local company begin to expand across the United States, establishing itself as one of the best hard ciders in the country. It seemed like only yesterday that only locals had knowledge of what great cider was available in our small town. Now the rest of the country gets to enjoy what we have known for years is one of the best hard ciders not only in the country, but the world.


For your next spring and summer outing, consider cracking a cool, crisp, hard cider, knowing that the craze is far from over. Cider is quickly becoming one of the most popular drinks in the country, get in on the ground floor!