While many people are under the impression that drinking is bad, there is evidence that shows that drinking in moderation can actually be good for you. Numerous studies have shown that there are a variety of physical benefits to drinking such as healthier digestive system, less joint pain, better sleep, and better skin. In fact, the idea of drinking in moderation extends beyond that of physical benefits, but mental benefits as well.

Drinking in moderation, and what I mean by that is 1-2 full drinks per day, can actually reduce stress on an overall level and increase brain function. Many people have heard stories about people living for a long time and drinking every day, and while this seems strange, there are reasons behind it.

The fountain of youth

Of course alcohol is not a fountain of youth, but it does do wonders for keeping people healthy and happy. The lowered rates of anxiety and depression, which are one of the greatest contributors to aging can lead to a better overall mental an physical appearance. There is something about the restorative powers of drinking in moderation that has led experts to conduct more studies on the topic.

So far, each study has found benefits to drinking in moderation along numerous health spectrums. From physical to mental well-being to a fun activity to share with someone close to you, drinking in moderation is one of life’s situations where health and pleasure are the same. So go ahead and drink up! But only in moderation.