There was a time in which alcohol was advertised at a much larger rate than in current times. And while the reason for this is complicated, there is an overlying reason for this change. The main reason that alcohol is not as heavily advertised is that people now realize that it does have negative effects and that many advertisers do not stress the importance of drinking responsibly.

And although there is a level of education in which people understand the consequences of drinking and driving, advertisers have been a bit slower in understanding that their message has a direct effect on consumers.

So what is to be done?

In some ways, advertising has begun to catch up with the common person, in that there has been a sharp decline in the advertising of alcoholic beverages. It is possible that the shift is cultural, part of it educational, but the fact remains that there is a noticeable shift in the way in which alcohol is advertised.

Although it is possible to shift the nature of the argument, the fact remains that people are better understanding the dangers of alcohol and advertisers are understanding that advertising the product must be done carefully.


The argument as to whether or not advertising alcohol is the most ethical practice, it is definitely part of our society. There is no debate that care must be exercised