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Touring the city

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What I have noticed during my foray into spirits is that there is an entire culture behind it. One that goes way beyond simply enjoying the drinks, but also experiencing the culture of the city or country in which it is brewed. Having found this out recently, I took it upon myself to see what it was all about and see some of the events associated with brewing.

One that I found particularly interesting was that of guided limo tours around the breweries and distilleries. In my home state, I was lucky enough to find a great limo Ann Arbor company that was able to enlighten me and show me just how prevalent my home state was in the brewing industry. What’s more, is that not only are these tours enjoyable, but inexpensive as well.

Embracing culture

There is no denying that for many, the spirits community is about seeing what is out there and the unique ways in which many spirits are brewed. And while it is fun to read about online, it is even more fun to experience it in person. The beauty of a limo tour is that first off, you aren’t driving, and second off, it gives you a hands-on glimpse at the brewing process and how the taste is defined based on the way in which the spirits are brewed.

One can learn a great deal about culture by simply reading about it, but what is even better is experiencing it in a very real and visceral way. The next time you are thinking of grabbing a drink, why not experience the process from start to finish. Get a glimpse of where and how something is brewed before tasting the final product. You may be surprised at how much thought actually goes into the spirits we love.

Staying current

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Part of what makes the world of spirits and alcohol so alluring is the ability to share the experiences with others. In some ways, however, this sort of hinders the ability to stick with a single drink. Take rum for example. Many people think that there is only so much you can do with it before it becomes old.

For me, this is not the case. The drink is so versatile that I have found countless ways in which to enjoy it, each without diminishing its inherent taste. Mixing it, shooting it, even infusing it with fruits, rum is always my go to when it comes to lightening the mood and getting the party going. In some ways, rum is a timeless beverage able to adapt with the times.

Not just for the old

I often mingle with a younger group of drinkers, some that believe that rum is just for old people. It is my job to show them that rum is just as hip and current as any other beverage, and that it can be used in ways that many people may not think about. Call me old fashioned, but mixing is still the way to go and nothing mixes better than rum.

So enjoy your rum with pride, knowing that it is one of the most diverse drinks and mixes well with essentially anything. Try it and you may find that the age-old drink of the past is still as current as ever and is still gaining momentum.

Mixing it up

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As a group of people that absolutely loves rum, we have pretty much tried everything in order to maximize its potential. One of the ways in which rum outdoes every other spirit is its ability to mix well with other drinks. These mixed drinks are something that not only takes the edge off of the bold taste of rum, but allows for a great deal of experimentation and creativity. As someone that worked as a bartender for years, I have had the luxury of mixing rum with pretty much everything in order to find the best combination.

And while the fun of mixing it up comes from creating your own unique concoction, I can safely say that there is nothing better than a rum mixed drink. Try it, take rum and mix it with virtually any mixer and see what comes out.

It may be surprising

Perhaps what is the most unique about rum based mixed drinks is that the taste of the rum always shines through. A lot of purists do not enjoy mixing drinks because sometimes you lose some of the flavor of the initial spirit. Not in the case of rum. Rum always retains that wonderful edge that not only tastes great, but also provides a light aftertaste that is crisp and refreshing.

The next time you reach for a mixed drink, use rum as your base and see how it is nearly impossible to go wrong. It might just open you up to a whole new world of mixed drinks.


Preparing for Summer

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Summer is the time of year that people gather to enjoy spirits and company. More people have time off work, and are willing to spend their vacation days in order to enjoy some fun in the sun. If you are anything like me, you prefer to have the gatherings at your home, which means preparing the yard and home for visitors.

One of the biggest problems in my yard is the amount of leaves and pollen given off by the large trees in the yard. Many people have allergies, and many floating seeds get all over everything. On the deck, on people, in their drinks, you name it. This is why I found a friend in a tree service Livonia, which was able to remove all of the trees giving me problems in little time at all.

A new yard

Essentially, what they were able to do was get rid of the pesky trees that gave me problems, allowing me to have a new lease on what I could do with my yard. A place where some people were simply unable to enjoy themselves due to allergies is now a clean, sterile environment where people can truly enjoy themselves. I owe it all to the quick and professional way in which they were able to remove these trees, and the speedy disposal of the waste products.

If you have a tree that needs to be removed, there are options. You can either drag your feet and wait for the problem to correct itself, of you can do what I did and call a company able to professionally remove the tree without you even noticing. Summer is here, and it is time to do everything in your power to make your home and yard the best that it can be.

Finding Time

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As people get older and lives begin to diverge, we find it more difficult to find time to spend with our friends. At rum club, we believe that while it is part of growing up, that bringing people together is something that we all must do during our entire lives. Part of what brings people together is the joy of celebration. Enjoying spirits during special occasions, ones in which we make time in order to attend.

It is difficult to get caught up in the hectic lifestyle of being an adult. We are not children anymore, and life’s rigors often take priority over hanging out with friends. Fortunately, there are some things that everyone can enjoy, no matter their age, spirits being one of them.

Do yourself a favor

Make time to see your friends, whether it is the occasional party or a scheduled day in which people are able to take the time to maintain the relationships that they have built over the years. We are all busy, the only difference is that many of us think that we are too busy. The key to keeping the friends you have is making a point to see them, even if it is difficult.

Our club is focused on bringing people together through the mutual joy of experiencing spirits in a unique way. As a vehicle for social interaction and a way to express shared interests whenever possible. So do yourself a favor, the next time someone invites you out, say yes.

Rum Diaries

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Written by legendary American journalist Hunter S. Thompson, The Rum Diary is an American classic involving spirits and the way to not necessarily enjoy them. The book was later made into a film starring Johnny Depp, and received middling critical acclaim. What is important to take away from the story is the fact that drinking should always be done responsibly. However, for some, the book and film sparked an interest in opening their mind to the great taste of rum.

A drink that is versatile and can be enjoyed on virtually any occasion, rum makes a great mixer and is part of some of the most famous mixed drinks of all time. In essence, rum is one of the staples in spirits and a way in which people connect with one another. The book itself may show how not to enjoy it, but there are many ways in which to do so.

A summer favorite

Summer is quickly approaching and that means more time off work and more time to spend with friends and family enjoying your favorite spirit. Rum makes for a great party drink and is the perfect base for a punch, cocktail, or anything else that can really get the party started. In order to enjoy rum, however, as the book would suggest, one must enjoy it responsibly.

Never drive intoxicated and make sure, like all things, to take it in moderation. If there is one thing that literature teaches us, is that we are all connected and must learn from the mistakes of others.

The Wonderful World of Cider

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Now that spring has finally sprung in my hometown, I am able to enjoy all of the drinks that were just too sweet for the cold winter season. In addition to enjoying the variety of rum drinks that I so love, I am also now able to enjoy my second love, which is hard cider. Being where I’m from we have a number of local breweries, including one of the state’s finest apple beer company.

There is a common misconception that hard cider is more of a fall drink, but I have found that it is best enjoyed during the warm summer and spring months. Something about its crisp, refreshing taste always reminds me of long lazy days on the lake, sipping a cider and just enjoying what nature has to offer. Just me and my Mad Moon & Griffin hard cider in Ohio.

Unlike any other

It is cold where I come from, so when the weather finally breaks and turns into warm weather, me and those around me are ready to live life to the fullest. There is truly nothing like enjoying the sites and sounds of the Midwest while having a great North Carolina hard cider. In fact, it is the idea that our local company is branching out to other states and bringing in some of their stylish products that allow us to enjoy all that hard cider has to offer.

It is truly amazing to see our local company begin to expand across the United States, establishing itself as one of the best hard ciders in the country. It seemed like only yesterday that only locals had knowledge of what great cider was available in our small town. Now the rest of the country gets to enjoy what we have known for years is one of the best hard ciders not only in the country, but the world.


For your next spring and summer outing, consider cracking a cool, crisp, hard cider, knowing that the craze is far from over. Cider is quickly becoming one of the most popular drinks in the country, get in on the ground floor!

Benefits of drinking in moderation

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While many people are under the impression that drinking is bad, there is evidence that shows that drinking in moderation can actually be good for you. Numerous studies have shown that there are a variety of physical benefits to drinking such as healthier digestive system, less joint pain, better sleep, and better skin. In fact, the idea of drinking in moderation extends beyond that of physical benefits, but mental benefits as well.

Drinking in moderation, and what I mean by that is 1-2 full drinks per day, can actually reduce stress on an overall level and increase brain function. Many people have heard stories about people living for a long time and drinking every day, and while this seems strange, there are reasons behind it.

The fountain of youth

Of course alcohol is not a fountain of youth, but it does do wonders for keeping people healthy and happy. The lowered rates of anxiety and depression, which are one of the greatest contributors to aging can lead to a better overall mental an physical appearance. There is something about the restorative powers of drinking in moderation that has led experts to conduct more studies on the topic.

So far, each study has found benefits to drinking in moderation along numerous health spectrums. From physical to mental well-being to a fun activity to share with someone close to you, drinking in moderation is one of life’s situations where health and pleasure are the same. So go ahead and drink up! But only in moderation.

The summer season

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Summer is coming up and people are enjoying outdoor activities and their favorite spirits. There is truly nothing better than sharing a drink in nice weather with those that you care about. With so many different options to choose from, it can be difficult to make the right decision for you next dinner party or barbecue, so why not try rum for a change?

Rum is one of the most versatile drinks in the world. Brewed in many different locations using many different techniques, rum is one of the best choices when it comes to mixing up drinks and enjoying the sights and sounds of summer.

The best mix

The best mix is one that a person can enjoy, but also one that can be enjoyed no matter the environment. The thing about rum is that it is the perfect drink for both sipping and shooting. An unmatched drink in terms of versatility and temperance. It’s a drink that will always allow you to spruce up the party and make every guest in attendance happy.

Whether it is a nice cola or fruity mix, rum is second to none when it comes to a drink that fills any mood. And for those on a budget, there is no substitute for what rum can bring to the party. Both cheap and expensive rum is good, making it the perfect choice for any occasion.


While other beverages may be more popular, for my money, there is no substitute for a good rum.

Advertising in spirits

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There was a time in which alcohol was advertised at a much larger rate than in current times. And while the reason for this is complicated, there is an overlying reason for this change. The main reason that alcohol is not as heavily advertised is that people now realize that it does have negative effects and that many advertisers do not stress the importance of drinking responsibly.

And although there is a level of education in which people understand the consequences of drinking and driving, advertisers have been a bit slower in understanding that their message has a direct effect on consumers.

So what is to be done?

In some ways, advertising has begun to catch up with the common person, in that there has been a sharp decline in the advertising of alcoholic beverages. It is possible that the shift is cultural, part of it educational, but the fact remains that there is a noticeable shift in the way in which alcohol is advertised.

Although it is possible to shift the nature of the argument, the fact remains that people are better understanding the dangers of alcohol and advertisers are understanding that advertising the product must be done carefully.


The argument as to whether or not advertising alcohol is the most ethical practice, it is definitely part of our society. There is no debate that care must be exercised